Star Trek Fivers

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When science-fiction legend and Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27 of this year, everyone knew that fans would be greatly affected.  The actor, who famously portrayed the Vulcan Spock in the TV series from 1966-1969 and went on to play the role in eight subsequent films, was one of the most beloved television actors in history with legions of devoted fans.  However, no one could have possibly guessed that his death would lead to a trend with Canadian currency.

As a tribute to the actor, many Canadian fans began immediately after his death to “Spock” their five-dollar notes.  Since then, the practice has continued until even the Bank of Canada has stepped in to request that Canadians cease the practice.  The Canadian five-dollar bill has the portrait of Sir Wilfred Laurier, who not only served as Canada’s seventh prime minister, but who also bears a passing resemblance to Leonard Nimoy.

By shading in the Laurier’s hair to give him a longer cut like Spock wore on the television show.  Angling the shading also gives the prime minister the appearance of pointy ears like the Vulcan aliens of which Spock was a member.  Draw in some arched eyebrows, another of Nimoy’s trademarks, and Laurier can become a dead-ringer for the beloved Spock.  Many Canadians are topping off the “Spocking” of their fivers by adding Spock’s famous mantra, “Live long and prosper.”  This phrase has become a philosophy of sorts and is probably one of the most famous lines in television and movie history.  There is no word on whether anyone has figured out how to add the famous Vulcan hand salute as well.

The Bank of Canada has stated that, unlike in other countries, it is not illegal in Canada to write on or deface Canadian currency in this manner.  However, they did issue a statement urging Canadians to stop the practice.  They claim that writing on the bill could “interfere with the security features and reduce its [the bill’s] lifespan…[and] may also prevent it from being accepted in a transaction.”  The bank is also appealing to Canadian’s civic duty as they feel that the bills are “a symbol of our country and a source of national pride” that should not be defaced.  Since its not illegal, many are still continuing the practice and some are suggesting it should become a permanent change to the bill.

Is There a Real Estate Insiders Club in Canada?

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The MLS is a tool for sellers and buyers in the real estate market, but sometimes a home does not always find its way to the MLS and instead finds its way from seller to buyer via other means. Pocket listings, pre-listing sales, and non-MLS listings are considered hazardous ways to work the market.

The advantage of a broker selling a property in these manners, some might argue, is to gain more of the commission or keep the property within the agent’s office for their own advantage. When properties are sold this way, they are possibly not given the fair and proper exposure to the public and oftentimes these homes see fewer offers and obtain a lower sales price. However, they sell much, much quicker.

When the government takes action, you know that harm is possibly affected by not giving a home a proper listing period. Fannie Mae now requires an MLS listing for five business days before approving short sale offers. Some might argue that it is discriminatory to not post a home on the MLS because by doing so, certain people are denied accessibility to bid on the property.

Privacy concerns may come into play with listings not posted on the MLS, but risks are inherent and all parties involved typically get everything in writing. This might be the case for high-profile homeowners – such as an athlete or celebrity.

Pocket listings are becoming less common, as the ‘Coming Soon’ signs are essentially taking their place. Some pocket listings might involve a home currently rented out; with the broker knowing the house will come to market once the tenants lease nears the end and plans on moving out. If they have a suitable buyer before then, it might just be the perfect home for the perfect buyer with less than perfect timing.

Brokers often sell Pre-MLS listings after marketing to other brokers in their own firm and other local firms. Clearly, their marketing of the property is working and if another broker has just the right buyer for the home, a sale of the property before it goes to MLS is not uncommon.

While forgoing the MLS may be more common, many homeowners do not choose to forgo a licensed broker. Having a professional’s objective and collective experience can guide the process, whether selling or buying. As for dual agency transactions – whereas a single agent acts for both the buyer and the seller – they can often hurt a homebuyer, home seller, and agent or brokerage firm if the deal goes bad.

Some brokers argue that the system of selling homes is outdated and has operated the same for the past several decades. The method by which homes are sold needs to catch up to the technology savvy and swift consumers of today. Additionally, the average Canadian moves thirteen times in their lifetime, up significantly from the frequency in which residents moved 50 years ago. Mom and dad’s home of yesteryear is still standing and happily occupied by them, but mom and dad’s house of today will long be gone, many times over, before the kids are even off to college.


CRTC VS Netflix – Who Will Win This Battle?

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As usual Netflix and Google are ruffling some feathers. This time its the feathers of the CRTC. For the last year the CRTC has been trying to get the Canadian broadcast regulation reformed. Thanks to the vocal support of the government CRTC has made quite a bit of progress in the way consumers are able to purchase their channels. Some of the policies that protected the marketplace are now being changed.

No longer will Canadian content be prioritized over commercial success. And while these changes are important changes, the problem is it’s not just the Canadian broadcasters that are bringing them up. Netflix and Google have stepped in and are now challenging the commission’s authority when it comes to online video services.

netflix-canadaThe debate over how online video services should be regulated is nothing new. As a matter of fact it has been going on for almost 20 years. Back in the 90’s the CRTC decided they wouldn’t regulate online video. Instead they set up an exemption that excluded this type of service from broadcast regulations.

However, once services like YouTube and Netflix became super successful the CRTC decided to step in and try to regulate. Most people wanted the commission to create a contributions program that is commonly referred to as a Netflix tax. The commission didn’t think this was needed and decided against it. Instead of a tax they opted to adjust the regulatory exemption and make it mandatory for online video providers to disclose certain information.

When this change first took place it garnered very little attention. But now looking back it is the very reason there is a legal war going on between the CRTC and Netflix.

The real issue is that the law is outdated. The lines have been blurred and it is very unclear what can and cannot be legally regulated. The law is simply not suited to deal with internet based video services. In a perfect world the government would step up and require it be modernized. But as we all know, that’s not going to happen. Because of this the commission now finds itself in a very big fight. And truth be told, this is one they probably won’t win.

BC Alberta Pipeline Negative Effects – What Will It Really Cost?

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pipelineIn the last couple of weeks energy giant Kinder Morgan made some very interesting comments about pipeline spills. They believe pipeline spills are actually a good thing as they create employment opportunities for those residing in the affected areas. After all, the spills do have to be cleaned up by someone right?

And while this statement is true, it is also morally wrong on a lot of different levels. Yes, pipeline spills will without a doubt create jobs. How many, well that’s up for debate. The bottom line is it will also destroy everything in its path. Whenever there is an oil spill it destroys the environment. It can also destroys human life as the oil can contaminate the water supply.

Even with all of that, companies still continue to increase their capacity all for the sake of a dollar. Its not about how many lives will be impacted in a negative way. No, its about how much more money can we make and how fast can we make it. That’s all the big energy companies really care about and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

Let’s take the BP spill that took place back in 2010. That oil spill was all but predicted and no one seemed to do anything about it. No one cared they were increasing their capacity from 300,000 barrels a day to 890,000 barrels a day.

They didn’t care because everyone was making money. The company and the government were cashing in big time and they justified it by creating a very small number of jobs. What’s even worse is these companies aren’t carrying conventional oil.

They are carrying tar sands which is far more dangerous than conventional oil. Tar sands is a very thick substance that is injected with chemicals to liquify it so it is able to be pumped through a pipeline. It is very corrosive and will cause major damage if spilled.

When it boils down to it cleaning up these massive oil spills costs billions of dollars. Yes they may create a few jobs, but when you really think about it, the consequences of these oil spills far outweigh the benefits.

Trends in Vancouver Real Estate: Downsizing Baby Boomers

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Vancouver’s Baby Boomers Sitting on A Gold Mine

Vancouver Developers are heavily targeting the baby boom segment of the real estate market. Many homeowners have discovered that downsizing can mean upsizing. There seems to be 3 types of boomers in this city. Those who are living on a tight budget for affordability reasons and don’t have the luxury of downsizing. Others in the 60 year age range opt to go smaller and less expensive so they can capitalize on the revenue from the sale of their home and finance retirement. The third group, are the boomers in the final phase of their lives – this is the group who is searching for bigger and better — they are cashing in on Vancouver’s outrageous house prices. One realtor suspects that the over-55 age group in Vancouver and surrounding cities is sitting on $163.4 billion in clear-title residential property – all of them report having surplus bedrooms and ample living space. These are the people downsizing, but they are looking for high end and large dwellings. They want incorporated luxurious finishings — marble in bathrooms, Wolf ovens and Sub-Zero refrigerators and wine fridges — and equipped units with outdoor space outfitted with a sink, barbecue and outdoor fireplace. The main goal is the create the feeling of a house in a condominium style space. Developer Jon Stovell, of Reliance Properties, told a spring conference on real estate development that boomers “right now are the wealthiest people in society. “They are moving into towers downtown with water views, suites measuring 1,500 to 2,000 square feet.

Changing the Vancouver Condo Market

These boomers have sold their homes in Shaugnessy for millions and realize that in order to move downtown, they will have to spend just the same. These boomers are not downsizing – it is a lateral move financially. The 50-plus buyers experiences “a ‘second coming’ of sorts, a time to reinvent or enhance their lifestyle once their kids move out, their mortgage is paid off and priorities change. This demographic is predicted to have a major influence in the Vancouver realestate market. Developers are predicting that this age group is going to be the next big trend in real estate development. A successful developer must anticipate what buyers will want before even the buyers recognize their preferences. Many developers have their eye closely watching economic conditions and the behavior of assorted target groups. That’s how a new market for micro-suites, appealing to cash-strapped Gen Y buyers, was discovered. Now developers are recognizing Vancouver’s Wealthy Boomer demographic. Visit for information on a affordable downsizing moving rates.

Read more at the Vancouver Sun

Internet Marketing in Canada

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These past several years Online marketing in Canada has exploded to large amounts. It appears as though if you should be performing analysis to obtain out the term about site or Your Online company, you’re ready to locate lots of details about other kinds of advertising tips, along with online marketing internet search engine position. What exactly will work with your Canadian company?

Online marketing could be a difficult fan to break. It’s absolutely complicated to comprehend exactly what the specific online marketing option is for the enterprise, but once you know what path you’re headed and just how to promote your organization, you’re currently almost there to obtaining a large amount of business for the company from the web.

Positive, for many Vancouver companies, online marketing will be fairly expensive. If you should be only getting started, you might not wish to plunk down your budget for advertising all into this kind of advertising. As time continues, you’re likely to wish to include increasingly more of one’s cash into dealing with the very best of the searchengine results, meaning people will have the ability to locate your company quickly on the net, and you’ll get new clients in the hype of the Net.

With time, develop your client base and online marketing will absolutely increase your income. Persistence and period is certainly required, and researching online marketing will truly raise your earnings faster and provide you an edge over everyone that has no idea what they’re currently doing. .

What exactly just have you got to complete to obtain yourself in to the online marketing sport? Performing research in your rivals and companies that are comparable will absolutely provide you with a leg-up. You also have no opposition, and even although you really are a regional company, you might want to check your competition out in the areas, to give good quality ideas to you. With different sites, discover just how they are doing it to get the sport and what they’re performing.

Particularly people who operate smaller companies, new business owners, might not believe that they have to worry themselves with online marketing, once conventional marketing may attempt because of their company. Smaller business people can not observe how a great online marketing internet search engine position will provide a lot more company than the usual yellow page advertisement to their stores.

Also these business people, who’re mainly on the web using their companies, do not actually comprehend the significance of strong online marketing. Several of those business people appear to believe that by marketing on the web, they’re likely to be inundated by work at other online marketing options which have simply no importance for their companies along with home online marketing company strategies.

The Web is people who perform a little bit of study are certain to find a very good online marketing solution because of their companies and significantly more than simply work from home online marketing company plans. Carrying out a small study at first is certainly likely to payoff. When you obtain the online marketing lover broke, you’re likely to observe the nice benefits of greater earnings, more company and high quality clients.

If you are looking for an established website design company in Vancouver for internet marketing or vancouver seo – get in touch with webgarden: vancouver internet marketing

When Moving Across Canada

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Sometimes, moves take us hundred’s of miles from our home town – to new states, countries or continents. These moves are harder to plan for, and require much more stringent assessment of belongings, so that you can afford the move itself.
Long distance moves are harder on families who are used to supporting one another – you’ll often find that your phone bill increases and that you’ll have more problems adjusting if you’re moving away from familial support – if you’re moving TO your family though, you can be sure that things may get easier – if a little nutty. Moving back to one, or both families guarantees that your life will probably be filled with help – or interference, depending on how you view your family’s input – either way, its worth it, once you find clear and consistent boundaries.
The move itself should be planned the same way as you would any other move – but remember, the more you’re moving, the more petrol you’ll need. A 400 mile move MAY end up costing you the same as renting a van in the UK – a move out of the country may be cost prohibitive, and it may be easier just to sell everything and start fresh when you get there.
A long move such as over several hundred miles may also change schooling arrangements, or your job – uprooting over a distance of hundreds of miles can lead to new opportunities – or the loss better ones back where you were – so you have to carefully evaluate what you want from your life, and whether it would be best served by moving to a whole new part of the world.
Moving to a different country or continent may leave you with language to consider – do you speak the language that is predominant there – and if not, can you learn it? If you can’t communicate, you’ll find it harder to do many things we take for granted.
Canada is a rich and diverse country and if you have the opportunity to travel or move to different parts of it consider yourself lucky! If you need to hire a moving company to help – consider hiring the top consider hiring the top Vancouver mover If you are relocating the surrey, contact us via website and get the mostaffordable moving companies in vancouver

Vancouver Homes the Most Expensive in World

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Expensive Homes In VancouverVancouver continues to be rated the 2nd priciest property industry on the planet in a study on worldwide property expenses, minute simply to Hongkong.

The yearly Demographia study split average property costs against average gross household earnings and looked over 360 property areas. Homes in Hongkong price 15 occasions regional average earnings, while homes in Vancouver price 10 times average earnings. “individuals from all around the globe wish to reside below and Vancouver is just a beautiful location with restricted property,” he told Xinhua. “normally you’ll get individuals prepared to spend a greater cost to reside there, in accordance with their earnings and prepared to spend higher rents to reside there, when you have a stylish region, and also youare likely to get a budget problem.”But I believe so long as weare acquiring an influx around thirty,000 to 35,000 people annually, visiting Vancouver included in visiting Europe, thatis likely to have the ability to help the home prices.”

All Canadains main urban facilities fared poorly within the statement, rated as extremely expensive with Vancouver probably the most expensive. Based on Tsur Somerville, representative of the College of British Columbia Center for Property and Urban Economics, the reason behind Vancouver skyrocketing property costs is straightforward — need is bigger than offer. Their watch was echoed President of Canada’s Sotheby’s International Realty, representative and by Ross McCredie. Because the flare-up of the worldwide economic crisis in 2008, property costs in Vancouver have stayed large when compared with additional big towns around The United States.

He features house-price balance within this marketplace towards the constant influx of traders and immigrants not typical to a lot of additional main towns round the region.”But undoubtedly the international customers will also be an essential section of the forex market of course if we-didn’t have these international customers our marketplace might have experienced substantial difficulty through 2008,” McCredie told Xinhua. Before this month, a three-room, two-toilet home about the east-side of the town designated whilst the cheapest available on the market was offered for 643,000 Canadian dollars (582,500 U.S. dollaors). Somerville also noticed that immigration to Vancouver, Canadais Oriental entrance, stands at about thirty, the ensuing interest in property and also 000 people each year will probably maintain costs large. “Area Of The issue with having an entrance, along with an attractive town, is the fact that you’ve substantial quantity of need from individuals who wish to reside below.”


Moving Your House & Declutter

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Moving your house or not, it’s time and energy to de-clutter
Using the change in seasons there usually comes a big change in our lives, sometimes big and sometimes subtle. Whether you’re arranging a major transfer or planning to get yourself more prepared before just one more year goes on, it’s likely time declutter your lifestyle along with your house and for you to get prepared.
The job of maintaining and planning your house clear of litter is definitely an ongoing job. Attempt to handle your mail just once, report paperwork straight away, sort through periodic goods when they come out of storage and tackle messes the moment they develop. Maintain bins onhand constantly where you are able to regularly form things that must be mounted, items that need to be provided, and items that have to be marketed. Building this practice now will allow you to to frequently beat any clutter. Visit our movers website to learn about affordable moving options and helpful storage tips

Develop a vision for how you want each place function and to look. With that in your mind, sort through everything and only maintain what works for your household and you and that which you love. Have the youngsters involved in the procedure and show them how-to sort their items. It is never too early to acquire the kids into the great habit of cleaning and maintaining a tidy place.
If you’re unsure whether anything should stay or go, then pack it-up in a box and set it in storage. That is great for gadgets, home goods, shoes, games and guides. If you need it, you’ll need to retrieve it from your pack. But if that box goes untouched for an interval of time – claim, six months – then it is time to donate the unused items to an area charity. To retain the household from the pattern of too-much debris, really look at a tip of “one piece in, one product out” – for each and every new merchandise that comes into your home, an old product must get. That is particularly important in regards to maintaining your dresser free of flood. If you’re unsure apparel products are increasingly being worn or not, then hold them to the hook using the hook turned one other way (consider front of the lift facing you). If the hook has not been turned around at the conclusion of a period, meaning you have not utilized that product, then it’s time for you to move it from the wardrobe. When you are looking to add something to the residence, give yourself time for you to establish in case you want or require that piece. In case you hesitate, then it’s safer to wait on making that purchase for the present time.

moving company vancouver
Get Organized
If you should be looking to modernize your whole house or apartment with a vision to have organized, intend to work on one room at the same time. Breaking the task up into smaller tasks makes the process less overwhelming and manageable. Frequently, the process of planning makes a mess in the process, although quickly, and having just one unpleasant space at a time is more straightforward to handle. Let yourself time to sort through each place. Almost certainly you have lots of emotional things and real background to function with and it surely will take more hours than expected. Examine going reviews before choosing a professional home mover. Have a look at our professional moving companies website to get a list of sources and reliable opinions.

Immigration Powers Canada’s Multi Cultural Development

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Immigration is the starting point for many individuals and families moving in Canada, and has played a key role in our rich history. Compared to many other nations, moving into Canada has generally been regarded as being easier than in other places. Canada as whole appears to be a favorable spot for families  to move to. Since Canada is a relatively new place, the purpose of Canadian officials for some time was to open it’s doors to different cultures and ethnicities, – our easygoing immigration process played a key role in this.

This technique has worked to diversify and grow the Canadain population to include 200 ethnic groups, of which 34 boast at least 100,000 people. Of the 34 ethnic canadains, 10 have more than 1,000,000 people, or 13.4% of the populace. In Line with The 2001 census, the breakdown was Chinese – Canadians (3.5% of the people), South Asian – Canadians (3.1%), Black Canadians (2.2%), and Filipino Canadians (1.0%).

When you move to Canada – you will see it is a truly modern country that can not trace their history to only one cultural background or race. Each harvest of Canadians can trace their history to somebody that wasn’t a real Canadian national. The whole nation is built upon immigrants. Due to generations of immigration, Canadians certainly are a very multicultural and diverse group. Unfortunately, attitudes toward immigration into Canada are changing and restrictions are just starting to be positioned on who may enter the country.

Generally, newcomers have higher levels of schooling than people born in Canada. Nevertheless, in virtually every metropolitan place, a significantly greater proportion of new immigrants were employed in jobs with lower skill requirements, compared to jobs held by Canadian-born people. The level of equality has yet to penetrate into everyday society.

Though most immigrants are very happy to move to Canada, most still have problems obtaining sufficient careers, and coping with the language barrier. The vast majority of individuals moving into Canada remain optimistic about their decision to come into Canada, in light of the greater standard of living. They are very satisfied with the ability to provide their loved ones a brighter future with more opportunity for success, joy and general peace, and a heightened quality-of-life that Canada offers.

In Accordance With Wikipedia, in 2001, there have been 250,640 immigrants into Canada. These elevated quantities would be the reason that Canada has the highest per-capita immigration rate on earth. At no time has immigration played a better part in Canadian history than during the twentieth-century. In-fact, minus the immigrants who’ve settled in every regions of the country since the turn of the millennium, Canada wouldn’t function as culturally rich, prosperous, and progressive land that it is nowadays.

The large waves of immigrants that have entered Canada over the last couple decades have helped the nation produce a much more multi ethnic prospect and a much richer and more vivid tradition. In the years ahead, it is estimated that immigrants can continue steadily to play an essential element in affecting Canada’s social, economic, and political culture.