Apr 172018

Bee Hive Removal

Bee Hive Removal

As most of you have known since you were a little kid bees forms hives when they want to set up a place to live. In a single bee hive there can be hundreds of bees living in the hive which can make destorying a bee hive a dangerous prospect. For proper bee hive removal you should follow our simple guide to reduce the chances of getting stung multiple times by these potentially life threatening creatures. Of course if you know you are allergic to bees you should stay away from a bee hive as it is not worrth the risk. Whether the bee hive was created next to your house or out by the patio you are going to want to remove this bee hive as quickly as possible. Bees are known to be very territorial around their hive as their main goal in life is to protect the queen ant. If the bees interpret you as a potential threat they will send signals to other bees in the hive and they will create a swarm to drive the intruder out.

There are a couple things you need to know about a bee hive before attempting to remove it. There are many sections of a bee nest. In the nest there are many different parts where different operations happen. For example there is basically a nursery where the young bee larvae are brought up and have a chance to mature. There is also a part where the queen bee lives and produces new workers and finally there is the catacombs where most of the worker bees live. To effective destory a bee hive you must be sure you take out all of these sections.

Well the first thing your going to want to do before taking on a whole hive of bees is cover up. Put on thick clothing that covers up as much skin as possible. This will again help reduce the chances of getting stung multiple times. A good way to protect yourself is to buy a large net with very small holes so the bees cant get in and sting you. However be sure that the net does not touch your skin directly as it can be very easy for bees to sting you through the holes.

The second step to successful bee hive removal is to locate the culprit. Bee hives do not look like they do in the cartoons where they are a large cylinder hanging from a tree. Usually bee hives are hidden away possibly in a hole in the ground or in wood. Therefore knowing the precise location of the bee hive is critical in order to completely take out the bee hive.

Bees happen to sleep a lot like humans. Bees enter the nest at night to sleep. Therefore to successfully take out the entire bee nest you should attack it at night when all the bees are in the hive. This will assure that you remove all the bees and not just part of bee population. So plan to eliminate the bee nest near dusk.

At dusk head out to the bee hive with all your clothing on. In order to remove a bee hive without killing the bees you can use smoke. Smoke will paralyze the already sleeping bees. Once you smoke out the entire hive, which should take about 5 minutes of smoking you should be able to remove the nest and place it in a garbage can or bury it in the ground. This is one way to get rid of a bee nest.

The other way to remove a bee nest is by killing all the bees in it. Bees are very susceptible to pesticides and poison. So simply head a local warehouse and purchase tons of bee killing spray poison. Now simply go out at night with the poison and spray the entire bee nest with poison. This will be your initial spraying process and you will kill a good chunk of bees during this application of the poison. However for extremely successful bee nest removal you must be sure to go out again in another couple hours and spray the entire nest with poison. This will ensure that all the bees in the nest are killed.

These are the two most successful ways to remove bee hives. You have two options to either kill all the bees or remove the bee nest without killing the bees. However again it is very important to not remove a bee nest if you are unsure whether you are allergic or not.