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Killing Ants

Killing Ants

Have you spotted ants crawling around your home. Maybe you have found tons of them crawling throughout the sugar bag. You may have perhaps even spotted some large ones chewing in the wood of your house. So the next logical question to ask yourself is what is the best way of killing ants. Well this page will be your complete guide of killing ants, either killing carpenter ants or killing sugar ants. Hopefully with this guide you will be able to clear out any ant infection that has taken control of your home.

When you discover ants in your house you are going to want to known that best and most cost effective way of getting rid of the ants from your house. You can either kill the ants with home made ant poison or store purchased. We will go into a lot of depth with the home produced killing products because I believe they are the most effective at killing ants and sometimes store produced poison fail at really killing the ants effectively especially based on the amount of money spent

There are numerous ways of killing ants however the best way to get rid of ants from your house is to make sure they dont get there in the first place. So be sure to practice safe preventive measurements.

The first natural preventive item to use is vinegar. Be sure to spray the vinegar around the borders of your home or where there could be cracks leading into your home from the outside. Ants will avoid vinegar at all costs and will stay very far away from it. This will keep the ants outside where they belong.

Different kinds of pepper also repel ants from entering your house. If you use black pepper or cheyanne pepper near the holes of your house then all kinds of ants will avoid it. Ants are naturally repelled from the smell of pepper, apparently it overrides their senses and the ants just stay away. So be sure to use pepper to prevent ants from ever entering into your house.

Cinammon is also a natural ant repellent. It acts much like pepper and messes with the ants sensory information therefore they just stay away making it a perfect repellent.

Now we will get into killing ants. To effectively kill the ants you must not only use poison but also something that attracts the ants. Think about it if you just lay down poison the ants are going to stay far away from it, however if you mask the poison in something the ants are attracted to, say sugar then the ants will be attracted to it. This is a very cost effective ant killing method as your not buying poison from the store that has no attractive qualities.

The first effective ant killing bait recipe is to mix sugar, which is the attractive ingredient to the ants and then mixing in borax or detergent. An effective way to use these two ingredients is to add about 2 times the amount of sugar to borax, this will be sure the ants are attracted to deadly mixture. Ants will soon crowd the mixture and start to eat it and will die. This is a very effective way to take out a large number of ants at one time and is very cost effective.

Another effective way to kill the ants is to mix borax with peanut butter. Peanutbutter is full of protein which is another ingredient that ants are attracted to, you should be sure to try both sugar and peanut butter based ant baits as some ants are attracted to different ones. The peanut butter mixed with borax is extremely effective. The worker ants that go out and collect the food will go and bring the poison peanut butter and borax mixture back to their colony. The whole colony will then begin feasting on the poison food and will kill the whole colony. Again this natural way of killing ants is much more cost effective of store bought poison which can run up to thirty dollars and not have any attracting qualities at all, which usually renders them useless.

Another effective poison to use instead of borax is boric acid. However when using boric acid be sure pets and children are not nearby as it can be harmful to them.

Another very effective natural ant killer is to mix a fourth a cup of laundry detergent with a gallon of boiling water. This mixture is especially good for taking large numbers of ants, such as a colony. Simply go up to the colony and poor the mixture down it. Ants will begin to charge out to find the aggressor and while they do this they will begin to die.

Chemical Ways of Killing Ants

To be safe when using chemicals to kill ants you should be sure to only buy store approved chemical products. However make sure you know that most chemicals wont have an attractive property to them so the ants wont be attracted do them. Store bought ant killers are used best when you know where the colony is as you can simply poor it down the colony and the ants will die. This is great to use for carpenter ant control as they are usually more resistent to natural homemade poisons.