Aug 012018

Save your data now – How to know if you are being spied?

Save your data now – How to know if you are being spied?

Spying and being spied upon are the most prominent cases these days. One should know that it is illegal to spy on a company’s individual or a company itself. It can cover out the security breaches, and many things are there like mobile apps that help to spy on one’s mobile phone. You can get the proper hold onto the mobile phone, and it can be easily done with your mobile. However, you can be the one who can be spied. So let us get to know more about it –

What is a Spy App?

Well, line spy app is just another application that can be found anywhere on the web or over the Google play store. You can read out the tutorial, and they can help you get a track on the user’s phone. One can use these apps easily on their spouse for some security or even for many other purposes.

The spy can do many things, and it is able to do

  • Get all the call and SMS Logs
  • A proper Information of Location and history
  • The whole browser history
  • Get the call recordings in mp3 format
  • Lock the mobile
  • Change the pin of the mobile
  • Factory reset the data on your phone

These things can be done with the help of these spy apps. And now you would have known that it can help you monitor all the data or you can be the one whose data is being shared.

How to know your Mobile has Spy Apps?

This can be a little tricky, but it all comes in handy when it comes to the app on your mobile phone. You just need to have better information about the technology. Thus, it is easy, and you can find that out in the below-mentioned ways.

Let us get to it

  • The app mainly uses the Google account in your phone. This can be easily identified, and you can check the activity usage of your Google account. Just get into the app history and remove if you find such an app.
  • These apps sometimes need to be installed on your own mobile phone. This can be hidden on the home screen, but you can check out such apps in the settings of apps on your mobile phone.

Checkout on all these things and it can help you to save your data. These things can be easy to identify if used perfectly.